Launch of the “Partnership for Moroccan Forests”, Rabat, 26/11/2015

26/11/2015. Rabat, Morocco. The High Commissariat for Water, Forestry and Desertification Control of Morocco (HCEFLCD) launched the “Partnership for Moroccan Forests” (PMF), a national catalytic platform for forest finance. The PMF will enable private companies involved in Corporate Social Responsibility to contribute voluntarily to forestry activities. In the framework of the launch ceremony a first partnership agreement has been signed with the “Credit Agricole du Maroc” a foremost national bank particularly engaged in financing rural development. This specific agreement plans for the development of a “green bank card” dedicated to financing forestry projects through payments for ecosystem services approaches. Further partnerships are in design.

GEicO in the framework of its support to GIZ and HCEFLCD is proud to have advised the development of the PMF from design till implementation.

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