Defining national objectives of the new NBSAP in Algeria

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Algiers, Algeria, 25/11/2015. +60 participants. In the framework of a national workshop on the definition of national objectives for the new National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) of Algeria, Ludwig Liagre facilitated discussions in order to define a comprehensive objectives list matching with national priorities in coherence with Aichi targets. The NBSAP elaboration in Algeria, under the […]


Identification of Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) schemes in the Middle Atlas, Morocco

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Together with Costa Rican experts from FONAFIFO and FUNDECOR, Ludwig Liagre took part in a technical mission for identifying PES schemes in the Middle Atlas, Morocco, in particular in the Ifrane National Park area. Based on interviews with local and national stakeholders from various institutions, a PES scheme has been identified relying on water services (availability and […]


Participation aux Assises du Vivant, UNESCO, Paris, 9-10 Fevrier 2015

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Les 9 et 10 Février 2015 se tenaient les Assises du Vivant au sein de l’UNESCO à Paris, sous le titre “Biodiversité et Changement Climatique en Interaction: Créer et Vivre d’autres Possibles”. Plus d’informations: http://fr.unesco.org/events/assises-du-vivant-2015-biodiversite-changement-climatique-interaction-creer-vivre-autres GEicO a participé en particulier aux débats de deux ateliers de travail sur les thématiques: – Programme MAB: Quelles contributions des Réserves […]

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